Welcome to our website. The above picture is of Herman & Sharron Bailey of Channel 22 in Tampa Florida and Lamar & me (Midge Vice). Herman is holding a copy of my book. I hope to soon have a copy of the program on this website and other videos. We are so pleased with the reception of my book and I am encouraged by the great feedback.

If this is your first time, be sure to take some time to read an article or two that I have included here and to come back later to read more.  I change them and add more every so often.  If you need ‘an answering voice’ (personal counsel) please feel free to contact me at: grammamidge@hotmail.com.  I would love to help you with any of the problems you are facing.  If you want to see the book or the Charisma ad, just click on the Recent Posts choice Charisma ad.  It’s just a click away.  Please remember you do not have to read the book front to back.  You can finger dip anywhere and start reading because they are short stories leading to a revelation that changed my life and hopefully will yours, too.   God wants you to live in victory!  I really feel most of the failing marriages could be saved.  God is a god of resurrection.  And yes, He can resurrect a love that has died.  He did mine!

We have added a workbook, which you can purchase together, both greatly discounted.  The book retails for $17.99 and the workbook for $9.99, but we are pricing them both at $19.99 or $15.00 for the book and $9.99 for the workbook seperately including shipping and handling. Please call the number below to order.

Book Options

If you have any problems ordering, please call 800-822-8045 X 4710. (Hopefully you will get me  or one of my friends and not a voice mailbox.)