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Twilight the Movie

Twilight the Movie

The first mistake I made was taking Lamar to see this movie.  (We went because I knew a certain teen was asking to go and I didn’t want to be in the dark.) The second mistake I made was going on the first Friday night it was in a small town theater in Alabama.]]>It was the noisiest, movingaroundingest group I have ever watched a movie with. I don’t think the two girls next to me ever hushed a minute and they didn’t just talk, but snickered constantly, breaking out into rolling laughter every so often. I would have asked them to be quiet, but they really weren’t bothering us. Here there was this terribly dark dramatic even sadistic movie on the screen and all this activity around us. In a way it was good because a movie like this shouldn’t be taken seriously, but too often is.

I honestly don’t see what girls see in Edward. He’s sullen, ashen, with a bad hair day going for him. But every generation has Edward is probably better looking in real life. He admits he’s terrible and that he has killed people. They are  For some reason women find these men fascinating and men find problematic women fascinating, too.

We really shouldn’t just slough off someone telling us they have murdered people. And a young woman should take very seriously asking a young man with hormones raging to allow her to get that close and caress for long periods of time and expect him not to turn into something she can’t control. Give me a break! Wake up girl; you are on very dangerous ground. No, he may not suck your blood, but you will regret what he does do and you do, too. Some results arrive nine months later. And some earlier than that. They are called STDs.

Would I let my teen see this movie? Now that I’ve seen it, I don’t really think it would suck in the normal kid, but that is not the point. The point is we are to live for God – do godly things. We aren’t supposed to participate in things that could hurt someone and this is definitely leading kids down the wrong path (maybe not our kids, but rather the kids that already have issues). It’s not just not a good idea; it’s dangerous. It’s demonic. Do you understand what that means? That means it’s out of the pits of hell. Romance, indeed! It’s naïve stupidity at best.

If you met the people creating these things, they probably aren’t the worst people in the world, but I bet they drink and don’t have a problem with a girl getting an abortion or even having sex before she is married. I bet, as a Christian, you would have a lot of problems with their thinking so why would you let your child be influenced by the worst part of their demented minds.

Would you let your teen group experience a porno movie or have liquor brought it for the sake of discussion? What’s the difference? The Bible tells us to flee evil. Why would we think this is an exception? Our teens should be just as opposed to this movie and all it represents as they should be to liquor or pre-marital sex. They are supposed to renew their minds; that means they should be coming to understand that this is wrong and why, not that they can get away with just a little of garbage because that is not true. Remember the first sin was taking the bite of fruit.

I have a saying, “as soon as you leave God, you get dumb.” Anything is possible as soon as we leave Him and His wisdom. Remember, the second sin was one brother killing another. In other words, we don’t necessarily slowly slip down to murder; it’s possible immediately. If you think that’s a strong indictment think of how many abortions there have been today! And by whom? Mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends, doctors; people you would expect to protect that life and value him or her. My mother started to abort me, so don’t talk to me how fast a person can fall. I had the best mother in the world! Thank God she thought better of it and stopped the procedure!!!

We can either participate in life or we can participate in death. It’s not hard to know what is life and what is death. Every choice we make in a day is either a positive choice or a negative choice. It has nothing to do with what feels good, tastes good, or makes us happy because sometimes bad choices feel good and sometimes good choices feel good, taste good and make us happy or sad. We must make our choices knowing what we know. I understand sometimes we get it wrong, but most of the time we know and still get it wrong.

It’s important to draw the line and say, “No, you’re not seeing “Harry Potter”.” Harry one day and Edward the next. And, yes, you will have to say, “No, you can’t see Twilight.” A young mind is a terrible thing to waste. If 85% of Americans are Christians, how is it these books and movies are making so much money? Should we support this vile artistic endeavor with our hard earned money? I don’t think so. So, no, we should not let our kids see this movie, if for no other reason than to discourage them from making such pictures.

It’s really easier to set these standards when our kids are young. Then, by the time Harry or Twilight comes out they will know the answer and why. I don’t feel being a Christian is a negative; a parent always saying no. If you are taking your kids to a good church that has a lot of positive actvities and you attend special things like the Jesus Festivals and concerts, they won’t care about the garbage they can’t see. God created elephants and giraffes and waterfalls. So many things to love and enjoy. Why should we draw into our lives a blood sucking vampire? And especially not into our child’s! What is a parent for if not to say no to the bad, hurtful things.

What do you do about the heathen kids that your kids are hearing about Harry from? You invite them to church. I know it’s a lot of trouble and inconvenience. You will have to stop by way ahead of time and talk to the Mom, but it must be done. And then you will need a little extra money so you can stop by and get an ice cream on the way home. And you will have to pray and be ready for the crisis and bind the devil, etc. But more than likely the snakey meanest one will get saved! And he will be the best one for your kid to play with in the end.

My kids didn’t beg for things like this. They knew. And they knew why. I always told them what was specifically wrong with this particular movie, group, or song. And I was not overly strict, judgmental or anxious. My kids lived in the world and were able to maneuver in it without too much trouble. We dealt with the issues as they came up. Twilight? I don’t think so.

Going home I asked Lamar what he thought. “Just a blood suckin’ Peter Pan movie” pretty much summed it up for him.